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Tourism Destinations

The last decade has seen a growing interaction between the visitor attraction sector, which is traditionally  focused on single day activities and the tourist accommodation sector with resorts and hotels focused on longer stays.  Many major theme parks which were achieving full day visits have added accommodation, retail and entertainment capacity to create true destinations.  Equally, resorts have taken visitors attractions concepts, such as waterparks, theming, soft-play, rides and story-telling to enhance the appeal of their hotels.

Imaginvest expertise has evolved accordingly and allows you to:

  • Develop your theme park or leisure facility with additional activities and accommodation, attracting visitors beyond the typical limit of 2 hours-drive market and increasing penetration of the tourist market

  • Develop a leisure offer in your resort and hotel which goes beyond the usual amenities, to generate increased demand and keep guests spending on site.

We are able to work within a multi-disciplinary team or as driver of the process and Imaginvest's role concentrates on leisure activities and the environment for the guests.

The objective is to attract more visitors, increase their length of stay and their spending on site. Creating memorable experiences for all members of a family to enjoy together is at the core of our approach. This helps broaden the scope and appeal of the leisure offers at your facility.

Imaginvest’s experience is applicable to sites of various sizes, from the modest  (Chateau de Berne wine resort, to the largest (Sentosa Island, Singapore’s leisure island).