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Theme Parks

Theme parks are at the core of Imaginvest’s know-how.  IMAGINVEST professionals have worked with the majority of the world's leading theme park groups and many diverse one-off operations.

Whether your theme park is long established or is in the early planning phase, IMAGINVEST will assist you by maximizing the performance of your investment.  The results we help deliver for our clients are:

  • Improved attendance and per capita spending
  • Visitors having a great time and staying longer
  • Optimized operational costs
  • Strong return on investment

Within the visitor attractions industry, theme parks are typically the largest and most operationally complex facilities: the average length of stay is typically 5 to 7 hours for regional parks with a handful exceeding this, while most other visitor attraction categories offer a 2 to 3 hour visit,.  For theme parks, attendance at peak periods is typically 5 ,000 to 50,000 visitors per day, depending upon scale and market.

IMAGINVEST masters these complex operations and has developed a unique know how with proven success when implemented across Europe and in Asia.

IMAGINVEST has worked on theme parks of every scale within the industry from Kongeparken in Norway with 50,000 visits to Disneyland Resort Paris  with 12 million visits.  We tailor our approach and services to the site and take the local conditions into account throughout the process.

IMAGINVEST’s involvement can be for a single stage of the project or as project leader at the side of the decision maker throughout the life of the investment:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Market, economic & financial analysis
  • Master planning
  • Visitor flow planning
  • Visitor experience design
  • Attraction design

  • Facilities and services design
  • Operational assessment
  • Investment budget and decision process
  • Implementation follow-up
  • Evaluation and monitoring

Our knowledge of complex facilities like theme parks has proven to be applicable across the visitor attractions industry helping other types of leisure sites attract more visitors, offer a more rewarding experiences and enhance financial performance.


A theme park typically offers the visitors a day of leisure for the whole family within a safe environment and comprises:

• Rides
• Shows
• Interactive experiences
• Landscape and decors
• Food and beverage
• Shops and crafts
• Comfort services

A stable industry

Within the leisure industry, theme parks are the most commercially successful visitor attractions. The industry is mature and growing worldwide.

Euro Attraction Show

Emmanuel Mongon, foun-der and President of Imaginvest, is the Chairman of the Board of Euro Attractions Show, Europe’s leading trade show and conference for the theme park and attractions market.

Next EAS Show will be in Nice, France, on January 23-25 2008