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Natural & Wildlife

Natural and wildlife sites offer visitors the chance to interact with nature in a controlled environment, they educate, entertain and inspire.  However, bringing visitors to nature sites, gardens, or to locations dedicated to the protection and breeding of wildlife poses many challenges.

The objective is to allow visitors to discover and appreciate the site, the plants, the natural environment, or wildlife, while ensuring the welfare of the natural exhibits.

Imaginvest’s unique knowledge and approach can be applied to nature-oriented attractions to help generate attendance, enhance the offer and to enhance all aspects of performance.

Imaginvest can assist you:

• Either as a specialist of all aspects involving visitors, within a broader project team;
• or as master planer and coordinator of your project, with the assistance of specialists in their field (biologists, plants, scientists, etc.)

In each case, our approach is focussed on the visitor experience :

  • Increasing penetration among resident and tourist markets

  • Developing the concept and marketing tools

  • Designing activities and scenography with an enhanced entertainment value

  • Developing visitor flow and mobility systems

  • Creating a sense of place and well-being for the visitors

  • Increasing the length of stay and associated revenues

  • Improving the operations

  • Developing surplus for conservation and research programmes

  • Reducing the need for subsidies, while keeping the service quality level

  • Developing investment programmes

Applying this very specialized know-how will allow your site to reach new levels of attractiveness and performance.

The key to success is to harmoniously develop the relationship between the natural exhibits and the visitors.