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Leisure Facilities

The leisure industry and in particular visitor attractions is extremely broad and there are many attraction types beyond theme parks, culture and heritage. Imaginvest professionals have worked across the range of facilities, from pure amusement parks and dinner shows to indoor attractions, family entertainment centres, high tech entertainment centres etc.  We have worked with leisure facilities from a few thousand visitors to many millions and in the most varied local environments.


Le Mans

Dixie Stampede

In each case, Imaginvest assists the owner to create very attractive new leisure facilities or enhance the performance of existing sites.  Imaginvest has acquired a reputation in the successful reengineering of visitor attractions. Through the creative reuse of the assets and a process based on two decades of hands-on experience, Imaginvest contributes to transform an underperforming site into a cash-flow generating facility.  Our skills in assessing potential for and creating brand new attractions are also well known and have provided us with many interesting working opportunities.

Investors and operators appreciate having an integrated team of experts of the highest calibre at their side.  This can be either for one specific stage or throughout the development of their whole project.

A special case

Leisure attractions as revenue generators to protect a heritage site.

Schloss Dankern

Imaginvest has had the opportunity to work for private owners who have developed leisure facilities in the grounds of their estates, to generate revenues for the rehabilitation of the family castle.

Schloss Thurn

"Ein Schub in die richtige Richtung"

An impulse in the right direction

Mrs Kuchenbäcker, owner, Schloss Beck, Germany