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Heritage Sites

Lighthouses, Australia

Tour Eiffel

Provins town

City of Bern

Imaginvest has a unique approach for heritage sites, centered on the visitor experience while preserving the integrity of the site.

Allowing the visitors to better experience the site, getting the most of its history and story, and providing a more rewarding visit.

Imaginvest helps our heritage clients to attract visitors and provide them a rewarding experience while creating strong surpluses to continue to preserve, renovate and enhance their heritage assets.

Imaginvest has developed unique tools and know how which have proven to be applicable throughout Europe and in Asia. References include some complex sites like whole historic cities (Bern, Switzerland) or important and heavily attended sites (Tour Eiffel, France).

Java Sultan Palace

Each heritage site is by definition unique and Imaginvest approaches it in an individual manner.

  • Opening to the public
  • Mastering the visitor flow
  • Market positioning and identity
  • Scenography
  • Shows and exhibits
  • Signage
  • Restaurants and kiosks
  • Entrance, shops, visitor comfort
  • Integrating visitor services harmoniously with heritage
  • Management of the operations
  • Economic and financial analysis

Whether working for public sector or private clients our goal is always to create or help develop sustainable visitor attractions. For public sector sites return on investment may not always be the goal but the same strategies and know how we use to provide our private sector clients with commercial success can be applied to generate strong surpluses ensuring that cultural and heritage sites can continue to benefit future generations.

European First Prize

Rebus in Bruxelles

Emmanuel Mongon won the first prize of the European Cultural Foun-dation in 1984 for his original travelling sculpture-exhibition Rebus. The theme was "Rehabilitating Architectural Heritage throughout Europe".

Heritage Association

Emmanuel Mongon’s involvement in Heritage started with the contribution to the rehabilitation and opening to the public of a castle in Auvergne, France. This work received the first prize of the Vieilles Maisons Françaises association in 1978.

Cultural Tourism Charter

Over the last twenty years, heritage sites have been increasingly considered as an integral part of the visitor attractions industry and not just for their historic value.