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Cultural and Museums

In addition to their role of protecting and presenting exhibits, cultural facilities are visitor attractions. 

Imaginvest’s expertise helps museums and cultural sites to:

  • Attract more visitors
  • Provide a more rewarding and comfortable experience
  • Give a better understanding of the subject matter
  • Enhance revenues and increase surplus to allow for enhanced conservation and research.

Working closely with the teams in charge of the facility, Imaginvest professionals approach each site in a unique and appropriate manner.  Solutions proposed by Imaginvest bring lateral thinking and vision but take extreme care regarding the cultural and educational missions of our clients.

Regardless of whether a site is focused on entertainment or education our goal is always to create a successful, well implemented visitor attraction which offers a fulfilling experience to its visitors.  For educational sites return on investment may not always be the goal but the same strategies we use to provide our commercial clients with success can be applied to generate strong surpluses ensuring that educational, research and preservation missions are adequately provided for.

Case studies

Cité des Sciences

Cité de Science is Europe's most visited science attraction. Following the recommendation of the master plan, the Ministers of Culture and Industry agreed to a reinvestment plan for € 17 m concentrating on visitor flow and services.

"Pour la Cité des Sciences, Imaginvest a élaboré un dispositif d'accueil des visiteurs répondant aux exigences de ses visiteurs tout en s'inscrivant dans sa mission culturelle. Son expérience, son ingénierie et sa capacité à fédérer tous les acteurs d'un projet, ont permis, dans un contexte complexe, de produire un concept remarquable qui va permettre à la Cité de nouer une relation nouvelle avec ses visiteurs."

Frédéric Poisson, Directeur de Programme, Cité des Sciences, Paris, France

Pic du Midi

Visitor attraction and scientific research center with a focus on the sun, located on top of a mountain in the Pyrénées, accessible by cable car.